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History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History

Leeward Funeral Home has been serving the leeward communities and all  of Oahu since  1967.  The funeral home was originally built by the former owner of Sunset Memorial Park in the late 1940's.  Back then, it was known as Sunset Funeral Home and for a short time as Pearl City Funeral Home.  In 1967 the funeral home property was purchased on receivership from the Federal Government and renamed Leeward Funeral Home.  From 1967 to 1979 the cemetery manager also managed the funeral home, even though they were both independently owned by different corporations.  In 1980 the ownership of Leeward Funeral Home appointed a new manager, Katherine Morikami and the cemetery manager moved his office to the one room office across the cemetery driveway from the funeral home patio.  Since then, there has been no  affiliation between Leeward Funeral Home and Sunset Memorial Park.  While we have had several setbacks with the renovation of our facility, we have always strived to provide the families who entrust us with the care of their loved ones the best service we are capable of.  We perform the majority of our funeral services at the families place of worship.  We are respectful and knowledgeable of  all faiths and ethnicities and their respective protocols.

Our Valued Staff 

Katherine Morikami

Katherine Morikami, President and General Manager

Katherine "Kathy" Fujiyama Morikami is the President and General Manager of Leeward Funeral Home.

David Morikami

David Morikami, Vice President/Operations Manager

David Morikami is the son of Katherine Morikami and has been involved with the funeral industry since 1977. He is a graduate of St. Louis High School and the University of Hawaii. He is currently on the board of directors of the Hawaii Funeral and Cemetery Association, and has served as President of the Hawaii Funeral Directors Association (2006-2008), and served as Hawaii's representative on the National Funeral Directors Association Policy Board (2006-20012).

Joseph Muritok Albert

Joseph Muritok Albert, Assistant Funeral Director/Counselor

Ana Marie Labayog

Ana Marie Labayog, Administrative Assistant

Seferin Fermin

Seferin Fermin, Funeral Assistant

Nathan Ulik

Nathan Ulik

Michael Mariano

Michael Mariano, Funeral Assistant/Community Outreach